Pet Problems Sorted

Pet Problems Sorted

Oftentimes, a pet is seen as an answer to a problem. It may be seen as a solution to loneliness for a someone living solo. Or, it may be for a child or children to learn about loving and taking care of living things. Whatever it is, a pet can, also, be the start of an array of a whole new set of problems. In this post, we endeavour to get those pet problems sorted one way or another. In my own recent case, I adopted a cat for my household, which was newly formed and contained my two kids and me. I remembered how much I loved my cats when I was growing up and thought that this could provide some emotional glue for us.

Cats & Dogs Don’t Lie

Animals, and in particular cats, communicate sensually, there is none of this intellectual stuff. The problem with intellect is that you can never really trust it. The head tells more lies than the heart, or, at any rate, tells better lies, which are harder to uncover. The mind rationalises feelings and attachments to serve whatever purpose it currently ascribes to. Animals, dogs and cats, do not dissemble, do not dissimulate, and do not betray you. There you have it.

A Cat Purrs When It Is Happy

A cat rubs up against you, sure because it wants something, but it does not hide that fact. A cat purrs when it is happy and for a bunch of other reasons that no one is quite sure about. A purring cat in your lap is a pretty pleasant experience, whatever the justification for the vibrational sound emanating from them.  It is fairly straight forward stuff and that is why we like having animals as pets. They do bring a host of their own challenges, however, and not all of them are great stuff.

An Emotional Roller Coaster

Fleas, ring worm, pissing and pooing in inappropriate places, I have experienced them all. Your cat running away for days at a time and he or she doesn’t phone or write you an email explaining the situation and, just, leaves you hanging, it is pretty tough stuff to endure. It can be an emotional roller coaster sharing a space with a pet. One black cat I had, used to climb up the fly wire on the windows, wrecking it as she went. Actually, when I think about it most of my cats have been black cats, maybe I have been plain unlucky.

Adopting Sweetie: A Cat’s Tale

by Frank.

I had made the decision to get a pet. Recently reunited with my two children after a hiatus away from them, I thought that it could be a mutually beneficial bonding catalyst. Cat being the operative noun in this case, as I have always been a cat person, rather than a dog person. It’s funny how many of us fall clearly into one camp or the other. The pet demarcation divide remains relevant, whilst other differences have dropped away. The Catholic vs Protestant thing has lost its power in most western communities these days. The Holden vs Ford things has, also, faded from view with so many Japanese, Asian and European manufactured vehicles populating the carports of our suburban homes in 2018. Anyhow I decided to get a cat for my new home, so, this is Adopting Sweetie: A cat’s tale.

The Local Animal Shelter Cats

Initially I considered something exotic, like a pure-bred Persian kitten or some such thing, but the lack of access to breeders and the expensive price tags cured me of this approach to getting a pet. Next, in consultation with my two kids, we checked out what was online and found the local animal refuge. Their website was cleverly written, with engaging photos and rap sheets for the various caged felines. After some consideration we chose Molly, a 9 YO fluffy female long haired cat of indeterminate breeding. We decided to visit the shelter in person the following Sunday after my son’s football game.

A New Addition to the Family

Arriving at the animal shelter we were all excited to meet some cats and see if we could come home with a new addition to the family. Positive relationships with animals have always seemed an enriching experience in my life, both as a parent and when I was a kid myself. I hoped that we would hit it off with Molly in the flesh, after enjoying the digital introduction to her. Alas, it was not to be, Molly was locked in her own cage, because she did not get on with other cats, and she looked cranky and unwell in my view. Together with my children, we agreed Molly was not for us. Next, I saw Sweetie in her basket bed at the back of a large caged enclosure. Immediately, her green eyes honed in on mine and I liked what I saw.

Dedication & Sensitivity to the Animals

The vibe at the shelter was one of dedication and sensitivity to the animals. The refuge attracted plenty of volunteers and donations of pet food and associated useful stuff. All the staff and volunteers that I observed were all women. There was a general feeling of protectiveness toward the animals, which is not surprising really. Many of these cats and dogs have been rescued from potentially harmful situations and death row at the pound in some cases. Sweetie herself was facing the chop, the big sleep, at her last place of incarceration. This refuge does not destroy any animals, unless the health of the animal demands it.

Funnily enough I was informed by the senior volunteer on the cat wing that Sweetie did not get on with men. It seems that she may have had a run in with a bad man in her past. Personally, I did not feel that Sweetie had a problem with me. We were instructed to visit a number of cats in the enclosures to make sure that we made an informed decision about which cat to adopt. Every time a person entered or exited a cat enclosure they were directed to wipe their hands with a supplied disinfectant. Not passing on germs between animals and humans was, obviously, a smart preventative idea.

I was on a Hatrick of hand washing by the time I had perused a dozen cats, the odour from the antiseptic solution was acute, to say the least. If I was a cat I wouldn’t want anyone touching me who smelt like this. Institutions have to be careful though and the rules are there for a good reason. My kids enjoyed interacting with all the cats and we had a good time. We, even, went over to the dog enclosures and visited some good-looking canines. Good natured barking filled the air waves, as these doggies communicated their intention to find a new human companion. More returns on your investment were promised by these predominantly Staffordshire terrier crosses. The dogs were considerably more expensive to adopt, however, than the cats.

I was informed by the animal shelter staff that, as I was renting I would need approval from the owner of the property. Annoying as this was I could understand the logic behind it. Greater responsibility by pet owners for their pets, per se, is, obviously, required, or why else would there be a need for establishments like this in the first place. We went away empty handed on that first visit, which was disappointing for us all. A couple of days later, with the necessary approvals in hand, we returned to pick up Sweetie. A last-minute communication from the manager telling us that Sweetie had bitten a family member and pissed in inappropriate places at her last domestic situation, and which had caused her second return to the refuge, did not sway us in our endeavour to adopt Sweetie.

The fact that three volunteers were needed to chase Sweetie around the enclosure, with one being scratched by her, before we were able to get her into the animal carrier, did have me pondering if I had made the right call. We were piled up with cat litter, cat beds, trays and associated stuff. I filled out a 10-page contract, which included microchipping, sterilisation, and vaccination certificates. The manger assured me that I could bring Sweetie back via a 28-day cooling off period, if things did not work out. I am pleased to say that we are finding our feet with the new addition to the family and things are working out so far. Sweetie is a lovely cat, who needs a bit of TLC, and we are all doing our best to comply.





Never Work with Animals: Public Liability Insurance for Animal Based Businesses

Public Liability Insurance For Animal Based BusinessesRunning and maintaining an animal based business demands a lot of attention, care, and dedication. Having a public liability insurance for animal based businesses will give you the protection you need, may it be financial or legal, should that need arises. In the United States, the pet industry brought in a whopping $60 billion in revenues. This is one of the reasons why more and more people are engaged in animal based businesses. Having said that, the booming industry comes with a lot of risks and responsibilities. That’s why animal based businesses, regardless of the size, should have a safety net in place like a public liability insurance for animal based businesses.

Never Work With Animals: Public Liability Insurance For Animal Based Businesses

There are a lot of scenarios where you can use your public liability insurance for animal based businesses. For instance, a customer tripped on a wet floor in your pet clinic and got injured. He/She can take legal action against your business and make a compensation claim. In our case, we used a public liability lawyer who took care of all the legal proceedings and in paying for the indemnity.

In Australia, a public liability insurance for animal based businesses covers your liabilities for injured clients and employees. If you are in the dog walking venture, the insurance will cushion you from any untoward incident that you could be held accountable while walking a dog. For example, the dog you took for a walk bite a stranger. Your insurance will cover all the costs associated with dealing with that case.

More often than not, a public liability insurance for animal based businesses cannot protect you or your business from liabilities due to loss of or injury to animals in your custody. In addition, this kind of insurance does not cover property damages or employment practices liability. You will need another insurance that is intended for those situations.

Protecting Your Animal Based Business

Before you go shopping for a business insurance, evaluate first your risks and of your business. Then, factor in how much coverage you will need for those risks. For example, dog walkers who manage aggressive animals may need more than enough insurance coverage than those who service small dogs.

Aside from public liability insurance for animal based businesses, you should also consider getting other forms of pet care business insurance, such as property damage insurance and theft insurance.

Living with Pets: A Social Contract

For many pets, life is “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short” – with apologies to Thomas Hobbes. As domesticated animals, they have a right to expect better from their social contract with humankind. Your canine or cat has exchanged their rights of nature for a life on the borderlands of civilisation. They walk in the shadow of humanity. Your pet has embarked upon a covenant with you and your family, to live as near an animal can to humans. But this is a contract between two parties, and you must honour your end of the bargain too.

Living with Pets: A Social Contract

Is it a case of you scratch my back and I will scratch yours? What is the commonwealth between two such distinct species? “Do not that to another, which thou wouldest not have done to thyself.” But has your moggy or doggy, even, read the bible? What is your compact based upon? Living with pets: a social contract must be formed on a practical and achievable basis. Your pet dreams of the wild, where only the laws of nature proscribe behaviour. Their love is of the hunt and of the kill; and what have they traded that in for?

The security of two meals a day, a water bowl, and a place by the fire. An occasional cuddle, a scratch behind the ears and the warmth of companionship. They have exchanged their liberty and freedom for the commonwealth provided by you. But justice must exist for both pet and human. If these domesticated animals are to live in your home on your property, allowances must be made and adjustments configured. Think about pet friendly furniture in Sydney, or wherever you make your abode.

If you have made a social contract with a Rottweiler do not adorn your living space with delicate frilly coverings. Siamese cats are best served with a surface they can scratch without destroying your valuable property. There is no justice or injustice in the state of nature, but there is inside your home. Remember your social contract with these brave animals. Fleas, ticks and ring worm are occasional reminders of their natural past. Be merciful and endeavour to share your dominion, your civitas, with your shaggy friends. You may be sovereign, but you have chosen to live in concord with a domesticated animal. In good times and in bad, you must via mutual covenant with one another find peace and prosperity together.

Cooking for Fido: Understanding Pet Food Preparation

Food plays a very important role in keeping your pets in tip top shape. This in turn allows them to perform their best in whatever activities they want to engage in. Since these pets keep their owners company, a huge number of owners are taking the necessary measures in providing them with the best pampering and care. This also applies to the food that they are eating. Several owners find it important to give their pets quality food without compromising their nutrition. Let us look the importance of cooking your pet’s dinner and what benefits it provides to them.

Cooking for Fido: Understanding Pet Food Preparation 

There are number of factors that need to be considered that makes pet food preparation essential for owners. Temperature and atmosphere for instance can affect the overall quality of the food that you will be serving to your pets. For instance, during the winter pet food becomes too cold to eat raw. Cold tinned meat also becomes an issue making it harder for your pets to enjoy their meal. Hospitals also warn owners about Christmas foods posing risk to some pets which is just in time for the holidays. If not fed well, pets are prone in developing several illness and disease that can affect their health.

People will not find any shortage of stories revolving around owners having problems with their pet food. Chemicals in pet food can lead to bad behaviour, says top vet. Food allergies and intolerances are being cited as causes of bad behaviour, such as hyperactivity, and illness in pets. Pet food manufacturers use general phrases, such as “meat and animal derivatives” and “EC permitted additives”, in ingredient lists that hide the real content from pet owners. The problem with artificial preservatives in dog food is that there is no legal requirement for pet food makers to disclose substances that were added to an ingredient before it reaches the pet food manufacturing plant. This in turn can make it problematic for pet owners to find the right type of food that is able to suit the preference and needs of their pets. This is the reason many opt to prepare the meals themselves resulting into a much safer and more natural food alternative.

It is good to hear that there are others who share the same sentiments and cause in preparing and cooking food for their pets. There are a wide variety of dog meal recipes that can be found over the internet making it relatively easy for just about anyone to plan a mean for their pets at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. With the help of modern technology, new innovations are introduced to pet owner and one of them can be found through a startup called Ollie a custom dog food and delivering service nationwide.

When planning your meals, owners will be needing pet friendly kitchen cabinets to store their items keeping them safe for the duration until they are used. Make the extra efforts in preparing pet food for your pets today!


Pet Lovers: What Makes Them Tick?

Statistics show that households with children are most likely to have pets. As a matter of fact, pets play an important role in the lives of some people. They are treated more than animals, but as family, friends and confidants. In a 2011 Harris poll, 90 percent of respondents consider their dogs and cats as their dearest family members.

Our pets are also a reflection of our personality. Moreover, there are psychological motivations why we love our furry animals. In addition, owning a pet presents various health benefits and personal advantages. To go in depth about this topic, you can click here.

Pet Lovers: What Makes Them Tick?

It is said that our pets tell something about us. As per the study conducted by the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, dog lovers are characterized as outgoing, but are less daring. On the other hand, cat owners are described as creative and bold, but tend to get easily bothered.

Time also reported that our pets can show how we view the world. According to their poll, the liberals prefer cats, while the conservatives are dog-people. The basis here is that we choose our pets that somehow behave in a manner that harmonizes with our personalities.

Why We Love Our Pets

Among the few reasons why we love furry creatures is that they make us feel needed. It is in our human nature to feel valuable. Since our pets depend on us for their food, shelter and other luxuries, it is a win-win situation for the pets and their owners. Our desire to be regarded as important is fulfilled by satisfying the needs of our pets.

Animals also serve as our companions, especially when we feel lonely. As a companion animal, our pets become our friend, sibling, and even a reflection of ourselves. When we are alone or having a bad day, pets help us get through this distressful period, and even make us feel less lonely.

Moreover, owning a pet can help boost our health and well-being. Studies show that pets can lower our blood pressure. Since pet owners have to walk them or play with them, it intensifies their activity level and cardio activity; thereby, turning away from a sedentary lifestyle. Pets are also known to improve our mental well-being. Having animals as companions bolsters our mood and wards off anxiety and depression.

A Barking Good Diet

The pet food industry is said to be worth, conservatively, several billion dollars, in this country alone. If the dog is man’s best friend, then, pussy plays around across the gender divide. Don’t forget Tweety Bird, Goldfish, Flopsy Mopsy and the odd Hamster. There are plenty of mouths to be fed in the pet domain. Whether it be gargantuan cans of Pal, petite servings of Dine, a shake of Trill, or a few flakes of whatever you feed fish, the cash registers are singing. Australians are generous people, especially to their pets, they like to fill their bowls with mountains of meat and gravy.

A Barking Good Diet

Is, however, too much of a good thing, actually, a bad thing? If Fido is waddling his way down the hallway, and Miss Smithers is too fat to get out of the cat flap, then, maybe, we have a problem. Dietary issues with pets are, probably, more influential upon their health, than they are for us humans. Animals don’t live inside their heads, like us, they aint no intellectuals. Eating, sleeping, going for walkies, climbing trees, that is about as good as it gets for our pets. If we over feed them, we are tipping the balance point the wrong way.

Betting on the right diet, guarantees your pet is a winner. A barking good diet will ensure a fitter, healthier and happier pet. Your four-legged friend (with apologies to birds and fish here) will thank you every day of his or her life, if you can keep the kilos off their behinds and tummies. Exercise and an elegant sufficiency is the order of the day. Your pet is not endowered with natural restraint, when it comes to chowing down. They need our help with a good dietary program.

Ask your local vet, if you are unsure about the best diet for your moggy or shaggy. Some raw meat is always a good thing for most dogs and a bone to give their jaws a work out. Don’t make life too easy for your pet, as it breeds laziness and lack of motivation. Animals live in their bodies, so moving that body is vital if they are to stay in tip top shape. Play with your pets, a bit of rough and tumble is best with your bigger sized animals. Love does not always come in a can or tin. Put the can opener away for awhile and see if you can come up with something more creative.


Pets, Vets & Pet Stores: All about Barking Marketing

Pets have been growing in popularity over the years making them have a special place in the homes of many. The pet industry has been growing giving a huge number of customers the opportunity to get a pet of their own at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. The same can also be said with regards to the pet essentials, items that are necessary to keep your pets always looking fresh, safe and secured. Let us look at marketing in the pet industry and promotional products to entice more bow wow wow business.

Pets, Vets & Pet Stores: All about Barking Marketing

As mentioned earlier, the pet industry is a booming business earning a considerable amount of revenue on a yearly basis. In fact, in the U.S. alone, the American Pet Products Association estimates $60.59 billion will be spent on pets in 2015. More U.S. households own dogs than any other pet. They tend to be the most expensive domestic animal. Basic annual expenses per dog are expected to reach $1,641. The reason behind this is that dogs are increasingly being considered members of the family, sharing them the experience that comes with the luxuries of modern life.

For business owners, this help paved the way in helping them find success with their endeavors. Advertising however, plays a very important role in introducing customers to your services. Marketing in the pet industry has gone through several changes over the years introducing new innovations and trends along the way. Clothing that matches the season while offering fresh new ideas and help entice the audience. Jelly Wellies, made by Brooklyn-based BH Pet Gear, have made a splash and maintained footing in that market with rain boots for small dogs. The booties come with a matching jacket or raincoat to protect and keep the dog warm in the winter months.

Another popular example is with the use of social media and videos. A testament to its success is with a simple video that increased a Dog Food Startup’s sales by 50%. The focus of the video was clear: a short and simple video with compelling messaging. This in turn makes the video captivating allowing them to convey their message in a timely and effective manner. Companies today benefit greatly from thinking outside the box. Using promotional coffee mugs that have dog or pet themes integrated in them can help spark the interest of many. There is also new technology found in mobile apps that can be used to market pet business. For instance, a dog-walking app has come to DC which lets owners track their dogs’ walks in real time using GPS.

It is also good to hear that pet owners are not the only ones benefitting greatly from the added exposure the pet industry is getting. Media and technology enterprise 1st Group (ASX:1ST) has tapped into this trend towards greater and more specialised pet care, had launched a new pet portal that will provide services to assist pet care providers in attracting new customers.

With the help of modern technology, the pet industry has become more accessible to customers making it relatively easy for just about anyone to get provide their pets with their basic needs. If you don’t have a pet yet, now is a great time to acquire one to make your homes complete.

Switching to Solar Power Energy to Run Your Home

Our worldwide demand for electrical energy keeps on raising each day, developing even more environmental problems from the carbon emissions produced. Luckily solar energy has ended up being really appropriate alternative to burning unclean air pollution generating fossil fuels.

lights at homeSome folks have created the idea that if we gather this powerful sun power and convert into power and afterwards place it into electric batteries we could actually provide everyone in the world with adequate electrical energy that can last for a whole year! Regrettably no one has found a practical means to do this yet, but the sunlight will certainly be there for a long time, so solar power is totally eco-friendly as it will never ever end or run out. Solar energy has become an increasing number of popular since it is regularly coming to be more efficient & economical for consumers, particularly in countries like Australia whose governments are giving generous motivations and also rebates.

There is some important information that you have to know about solar power just before actually choosing to purchase one for your own use. Below are a few of the advantages that solar energy could offer you;

  1. Solar power does not set you back any money. You merely need to make a preliminary investment to buy the panels as well as have it suited.
  2. Solar panels remaining for a long time, a minimum of Twenty Years with little maintenance. This indicates that you must easily repay the costs of the assets very rapidly with cost savings from your power costs; at current prices it takes 4-7 years.
  3. Solar energy is really eco-friendly. Burning of energies often launches air pollution as well as greenhouse gases into our atmosphere; which now resulted in the international warming we are experiencing. It is not a surprise that so many individuals have actually conveniently embraced solar energy, as a lot of intend to help save the atmosphere and also be more liable about their carbon impact everyday.

Before acquiring the solar panels, address a firm in your area which is experts in solar PV systems and that will certainly make a consultation to come to your house and do an on-site assessment. They should look at the physical attributes of your roofing and also surrounds, what your existing power use is, as well as your readily available spending plan, then create a system for you accordingly that will certainly give the best return to ensure that you can repay your initial expense as rapidly as possible. This will be affected by any sort of government discounts you have accessibility to, and also any additional systems that are in location like the feed in toll. In Australia the specifics of these vary depending upon where you live, yet again your solar company ought to have the ability to give up depth suggestions.

Solar power has actually ended up being quite ideal choice to burning filthy pollution generating fossil gases. Solar power has actually ended up being a lot more as well as much more popular considering that it is regularly becoming more reliable & budget friendly for customers, particularly in nations like Australia whose federal governments are giving generous incentives as well as rebates.

Just before buying the solar panels, talk to a firm in your area that specialises in solar PV systems as well as who will certainly make a consultation to come to your residence and do an on-site evaluation.

Solar Power Energy to Heat Your Pet Dog House

Is it actually possible to utilize your pet dog house to warm?. Personally, I do not see why not. Wind power and solar are quite common approaches by which individuals supply supplementary electricity for their houses. So there’s no reason you can not use these freely accessible natural resources for your dwelling.

It’s possible for you to supply electricity to a lot of appliances in your house; the two types of electricity possess precisely the same edges but I’ll refer to it generally because solar is simpler to set up. Solar panels are exceptionally efficient and extremely user-friendly. Solar can make electricity when sun states are not good. Two choices are offered to you personally.

You might be believing, but how on earth do I begin to construct a solar panel? This is among thsolar power dog housee easiest jobs which you will have to do even should you not understand. With a DIY guide to steer you what can fail? Should you get, a lot of these guides do not stress offer call lines and support centres you can use for guidance. Right away you can have wind and solar electricity to warm your pet dog house.

After you have fully installed the panels, you only sit and await the wind or the sun. At the conclusion of the month do not have any invoice to pay. The fine thing about it is that you do not need to be an expert.

Visit Energy Smart for more information and DIY videos you can watch about homemade solar power system.