The pet food industry is said to be worth, conservatively, several billion dollars, in this country alone. If the dog is man’s best friend, then, pussy plays around across the gender divide. Don’t forget Tweety Bird, Goldfish, Flopsy Mopsy and the odd Hamster. There are plenty of mouths to be fed in the pet domain. Whether it be gargantuan cans of Pal, petite servings of Dine, a shake of Trill, or a few flakes of whatever you feed fish, the cash registers are singing. Australians are generous people, especially to their pets, they like to fill their bowls with mountains of meat and gravy.

A Barking Good Diet

Is, however, too much of a good thing, actually, a bad thing? If Fido is waddling his way down the hallway, and Miss Smithers is too fat to get out of the cat flap, then, maybe, we have a problem. Dietary issues with pets are, probably, more influential upon their health, than they are for us humans. Animals don’t live inside their heads, like us, they aint no intellectuals. Eating, sleeping, going for walkies, climbing trees, that is about as good as it gets for our pets. If we over feed them, we are tipping the balance point the wrong way.

Betting on the right diet, guarantees your pet is a winner. A barking good diet will ensure a fitter, healthier and happier pet. Your four-legged friend (with apologies to birds and fish here) will thank you every day of his or her life, if you can keep the kilos off their behinds and tummies. Exercise and an elegant sufficiency is the order of the day. Your pet is not endowered with natural restraint, when it comes to chowing down. They need our help with a good dietary program.

Ask your local vet, if you are unsure about the best diet for your moggy or shaggy. Some raw meat is always a good thing for most dogs and a bone to give their jaws a work out. Don’t make life too easy for your pet, as it breeds laziness and lack of motivation. Animals live in their bodies, so moving that body is vital if they are to stay in tip top shape. Play with your pets, a bit of rough and tumble is best with your bigger sized animals. Love does not always come in a can or tin. Put the can opener away for awhile and see if you can come up with something more creative.