Statistics show that households with children are most likely to have pets. As a matter of fact, pets play an important role in the lives of some people. They are treated more than animals, but as family, friends and confidants. In a 2011 Harris poll, 90 percent of respondents consider their dogs and cats as their dearest family members.

Our pets are also a reflection of our personality. Moreover, there are psychological motivations why we love our furry animals. In addition, owning a pet presents various health benefits and personal advantages. To go in depth about this topic, you can click here.

Pet Lovers: What Makes Them Tick?

It is said that our pets tell something about us. As per the study conducted by the Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, dog lovers are characterized as outgoing, but are less daring. On the other hand, cat owners are described as creative and bold, but tend to get easily bothered.

Time also reported that our pets can show how we view the world. According to their poll, the liberals prefer cats, while the conservatives are dog-people. The basis here is that we choose our pets that somehow behave in a manner that harmonizes with our personalities.

Why We Love Our Pets

Among the few reasons why we love furry creatures is that they make us feel needed. It is in our human nature to feel valuable. Since our pets depend on us for their food, shelter and other luxuries, it is a win-win situation for the pets and their owners. Our desire to be regarded as important is fulfilled by satisfying the needs of our pets.

Animals also serve as our companions, especially when we feel lonely. As a companion animal, our pets become our friend, sibling, and even a reflection of ourselves. When we are alone or having a bad day, pets help us get through this distressful period, and even make us feel less lonely.

Moreover, owning a pet can help boost our health and well-being. Studies show that pets can lower our blood pressure. Since pet owners have to walk them or play with them, it intensifies their activity level and cardio activity; thereby, turning away from a sedentary lifestyle. Pets are also known to improve our mental well-being. Having animals as companions bolsters our mood and wards off anxiety and depression.