What’s your minimal age for boarding a dog?

Our main issue is the well being of our guests. Because of this, our minimum boarding age for dogs is 4 months. Airborne viruses a young pup couldn’t fight off could potentially be subjected in almost any kennel environment. Our recommendation would be to board pups at your veterinarian’s office till our guests have achieved our minimum age requirement.

First boarding expectation?

Specific customers could even be sensitive to odors that are pet after having not been with a creature for some time. We recommend scheduling a “go-house fresh bathroom” or dressing appointment for a pet before picking him up.

I am boarding my pet for the very first time? What should I anticipate?

Your pet will adapt instantly to our staff, our boarding facility and routines. Cleanse, feeding, exercise, and kennel staff tracking are all scheduled events that bring structure and order to the boarding environment.

First, create (or strengthen) a regular schedule of meal times and limitation feedings to twice daily. We feed in the early hours, and again in the late day, as required.

What’s your cancellation policy?

We desire to adapt all our customer’s needs, and recognize that strategies do shift.

Where’s my dog going to visit the toilet when in your attention?

All Peninsula Pet Supplies facilities are safe and exceptionally sanitary. Dogs in our attention will remove in the exercise jog of their two-room suite, in our playrooms, or outside (if the facility is indoor/outdoor). These regions are often sanitized, and are nicely suited for this particular goal. Our highly trained staff tracks all consumption and removal behaviour, which is noticed on each individual pet’s graph.